Protective Training Team

Our team of sales and training professionals have hundreds of years of combined experience. We’re here to help you and your team, both by phone and digitally. Our online training programs are the perfect tools to expand your F&I knowledge or stay on top of your game during these uncertain times.


Karla KramerKarla Kramer – Sales Training Director

Karla is a leader with developing and facilitating workshops and on-line learning for Corporations and Universities. She has been in the business since 1982.



Peter Chafetz – Sales Training Director

Peter joined Protective in 2021 and brings over 30 years of automotive VSC and ancillary product sales and training leadership experience. His previous roles afforded him the opportunity to build a solid foundation in the industry focused on improving training capacity and overall sales process improvement. With both direct sales and independent agent sales team experience, Peter has been a knowledgeable and frequent contributor to several industry publications, as well as an NADA presenter.


Auto Trainers

Kahli Faivre

Kahli FaivreRegional Sales Manager

Kahli has been in the automotive retail business for over 40 years. She started with USWC in 2002 as a territory manager and national trainer. 


Morgan West

Morgan WestRegional Sales Manager

Morgan has 16 years of experience in the automotive industry. He joined Protective in 2018


Paul Quist

Paul QuistRegional Sales Manager

Paul joined Protective Asset Protection in 2018 as Regional Sales Manager and supports the marketplace in the Dakotas and Mountains States.


Chris Norman

Chris NormanDistrict Sales Manager

Chris got into the auto industry immediately after graduating college; he spent the next 10 years in dealership finance departments. He joined Protective in 2016 and supports the Chicago region.


Adrian GuzmanAdrian Guzman – District Sales Manager

Adrian Guzman has been in the automotive retail business for over 20 years. He started with USWC in 2017 as a District Sales Manager in the West Coast Region, and has experience in F&I solutions for both independent and franchise markets.


Specialty Trainer

Paul SheldonPaul Sheldon Regional Vice President

Paul joined Protective in 2013 and serves as the Western Regional Manager for Specialty Products (RV, Marine, and Powersports). He has been training dealership personnel in F&I, Sales and Customer Service since 1992.

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