Protective Asset Protection Introduces Its Dealer Training Institute

Online Training Program Helps F&I Personnel Better Understand Product Offerings To Elevate Profit and Customer Satisfaction Levels 

Protective Asset Protection, a provider of F&I programs, services and dealer owned warranty company programs, recognizes the significant importance of ongoing dealer and F&I personnel training with its Training Institute. The online curriculum program offers training for a diverse set of today’s most popular F&I products to help dealers increase profit potential and customer satisfaction levels. 

Aside from the shear opportunity to sell more because they know more, ongoing training is critical for F&I personnel to remain focused and engaged at the dealership. According to the 2019 Dealership Staffing Study produced by Cox Automotive, approximately one-third of management employees do not feel excited or engaged in their jobs, including F&I personnel. These statistics are similar to a Gallup study that shows overall U.S. employee engagement below 35 percent. 

The new Protective Asset Protection Training Institute’s online training solutions provide F&I protection product knowledge and the professional skills necessary for dealer and F&I professionals to be successful in today industry. Each course is designed to maximize content retention with engaging videos, study guides and quizzes. Users may participate in the online courses at their own pace, at anytime and anywhere. 

Training curriculum categories include specific F&I product areas such as Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP, and Ancillary Products. Many of the courses available are divided into short lessons, and a certificate is received once each lesson is completed sufficiently. 

F&I training has made a notable impact to the bottom line at franchise dealerships. The 2018 NADA Annual Report shows a nearly six percent increase of income as a percentage of new- and used-vehicle department gross profit over from 2016 through 2018. 

“Better training is a clear investment in people, and when dealerships make this commitment the results are tangible with a positive impact to the dealership’s bottom line and customer satisfaction,” said Protective vice president, Bill Koster. “The Protective Training Institute provides dealers and their F&I management personnel with a clear and distinct competitive advantage designed to positively impact each customer’s buying experience.”

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